JFKFFC Sept Newsletter

JFKFFC September Newsletter – FY19 Membership Renewal!

FY19 Membership Renewal. JFKFFC Renewal Memberships are due Oct 1, 2018. ALL 2018 members must complete a 2019 membership application. Please visit our website at www.jfkffc.com, print out an application, sign and initialize ALL required areas, attach check for $180 renewal fee, place in envelope, and slide under the office door. Staff will update completed applications and contact you if application is incomplete (not signed/initialized in correct places, missing “Physician’s Approval Form”- required if member indicates “yes” to any medical condition on the Health History Questionnaire section.) Thank you for your continued patronage.

SEMINAR w/Dr Bruce: Physical Balance for Active Daily Living and Athletic Performance. Tuesday, September 18th @11:00am. Learn how stability, flexibility and strengthening exercises can improve your balance for fall prevention, daily living activities, and athletic performance. The half-hour seminar will go over basic and advanced exercises that can be conducted with/without equipment. Bring an office mate and/or your lunch.

Staff Changes: Maria Canino departs in September in preparation for her Doctoral program in Exercise Physiology. Maria, May your Future Fortunes be Bountiful! Many Thanks from members and management for your knowledge and impactful educational wellness/fitness seminars!!!!!! (members can find them posted in perpetuity on the JFKFFC.com website). Sam Cleveland departs for his Senior year at Colgate – thanks for a Sweaty Summer Sam!!! Welcome to Rashad Williams (taking over the Mon, Tues & Wednesday 11:30 class instruction) and Colleen Brisport (substitute Yoga Instructor) – we look forward toward your guidance and motivation. Marckender is still available for efficient and effective personal training – while Rosemary and Courtney will continue to provide their Yoga expertise on a regular basis.

Excuse of the Month: After a summer of fun and frolic I will need some time to regain my balance!

Song of the Month: The Greatest Workout Song From the Year You Were Born/Graduating High School or College


Quote of the Month: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~Albert Einstein

Exercise Tips of the Month: 12 Balance Exercises That Improve Active Daily Living


10 Balance Exercises That Will Make Every Athlete Better


Sleep/Rest/Recovery Tip of the Month: For Maximum Recharge, Take a Wednesday Off


Resilience Tip of the Month: 37 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance


Injury Prevention Tip of the Month: Knee pain in cyclists: What causes it and how to fix it


Nutrition Tip of the Week: 19 Portable Breakfasts You Can Meal-Prep (a.k.a. the Best of Both Worlds)


Weight Management Article of the Month: It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why.


Quiz & Website of the Month: Work-Life Balance – Quiz – Tutorials Point


Social Media of the Month: 15 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Every Week


Dr Bruce


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