JFKFFC Seminar Cardiovascular and Resistance Training Progression 11:30 on 6-19

Cardiovascular and Resistance Training Progression! Tuesday, June 19th at 11:30am
Seminar conducted by Maria Canino and Bruce Cohen

Progression (advancement): is crucial to avoid mental and physical plateaus, reduce injury and reach desired wellness/fitness goals.
In resistance training, for example, using the same weights every day and performing the same exercises does not help to optimize your goals and further improvements.
In cardiovascular training, conducting the same linear (back and forth motion found in walking/running/elliptical) movement every day at the same pace can result in repetitive stress injuries.
It is also important to not progress too fast in order to avoid setbacks both physically (injury) and mentally (burnout).

Come learn how varying your frequency, intensity, time/duration, exercise type, and workload volume will help you progress safely, effectively and efficiently!!!
We will be going over both resistance training and cardiovascular training.
Individual follow-up coaching sessions offered to participants.

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