JFKFFC Group Exercise Class Cancelled Today Wed 4-25-18

JFKFFC – 11:30 Group Exercise Class Cancelled Today Wed 4-25-18

JFKFFC Metabolic Conditioning Class – Thursday 4-19 @ 11:30

METABOLIC RESISTANCE CONDITIONING Half Hour Training Session, Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 11:30 w/ Maria in the JFK Fitness Center Group Exercise Room

What is Metabolic Resistance Conditioning (MRC)? An efficient, cardiovascular style workout performed in the form of a resistance training circuit. Increases the metabolic cost of exercise! Increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or “the afterburn”!!

The basics of MRC: Crunch Time Goal: Pack more exercises into less time while training with maximal or near-maximal levels of effort in less than 30 minutes Include high repetitions (10-20 reps per set), relative moderately heavy loads, with minimal rests between sets in order to push self for optimal results More Muscles – More Energy Should be a total-body routine to work all major muscle groups Incorporate multi-joint or compound exercises for biggest bang for your buck (e.g., squats, rows, hip-hinge movements, presses)

Let’s make it a PLAY DATE! Come ready to work out! Attendees will also receive a handout with sample 30-minute routines!