JFKFFC Group Exercise Class Changes Week of 3-12-18

JFKFFC Members, Please note the following group exercise class changes for week of March-12-16.

The following classes are CANCELLED

Tuesday: 11:30 Stability, Flexibility & Mobility with Marckender

Tuesday: 12:30 Yoga with Courtney

Friday: Yoga with Rosemary


The following class are RESCHEDULED – there will be two classes this Thursday, March 15

Thursday 11:00 Stability, Flexibility & Mobility with Marckender

Thursday 12:00 Yoga with Rosemary

JFKFFC Seminar & Class Change Week of March 12

Body Weight vs Body Composition Seminar& Assessment Monday – What do these mean?   Monday March 12 @ 12:30pm – Group Exercise Room – conducted by Maria Canino. Learn the difference between these methods of measurement as well as the health and performance implications. Free initial body composition testing will be offered upon the conclusion of the event with free follow-up assessment within 10-12 weeks. See the effects of your training program upon your body composition. Measure your progress! Bring a lunch date or drop in before/after your work-out.

THURSDAY YOGA will NOT be held on Thursday, March 15. Instead it will be held on Friday, March 16 at NOON.

TV REMOTE USAGE.  Use the numbered remote controls devices with the corresponding TVs. Change ONLY the channel. Please do NOT change the INPUT. Please do NOT turn up the volume. Thank You! JFKFFC MGT