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JFKFFC MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL DUE OCTOBER 1: JFKFFC membership rate will be increased by one dollar ($1) per month for FY18. The RENEWAL fee of $180 is due by October 1. (NEW member fee is $190). The marginal increase in membership will allow the JFKFFC to purchase and replace some aging fitness equipment. Please go to our website, www.jfkffc.com to print out the FY18 membership application. Complete, attach your check or money order, and submit both under the fitness center office door at your earliest convenience in order to avoid any disruption in membership services. Thanks for your continued patronage. Here’s to a physically healthy new fiscal year!

UPCOMING SEMINAR: There are several reasons (health, appearance and performance) for conducting proper nutrition intake. On September 19 @ NOON, we will be delivering a seminar on ?Proper Nutrition for Weight Management.? The latest and greatest information regarding optimizing nutrition for weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance will be discussed.

PAST SEMINAR UPDATES: If you missed one of our recent seminars (?Glute Training,? ?Which to Conduct First; Cardio or resistance Training?? ?RunningShoe/Gait Analysis?) you can find the educational handouts on our website. If you would like to have your running gait analysis by Maria Canino, MS, our resident shoe expert, please contact us via email: jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=12&limit=5&limitstart=0&order=date&dir=DESC&Itemid=20

Excuse of the Month: Kids are a priority right now?.no time for me to exercise!
September is National Childhood Obesity Month ? if you won?t exercise for yourself ? do it for your kids/grandkids! BETTER YET ? DO IT WITH THEM!!! www.cdc.gov/features/childhoodobesity/index.html

Song of the Month: Cats in the Cradles ? Harry Chapin

Quote of the Month: The Family that SWEATS together?.STICKS together!?.Dr Bruce

Website/App of the Month: Box Breathing: The Mindfulness Technique Navy Seals Use quietkit.com/box-breathing/ www.iphonelife.com/content/box-breathing-mindfulness-technique-navy-seals-use

Quiz of the Month: Fitness Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Family? www.parenting.com/article/fitness-quiz

Resiliency Tip of the Month: 6 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day time.com/2951173/6-things-the-most-productive-people-do-every-day/?utm_campaign=buffer&utm_content=buffera3e58&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com

Exercise Tip of the Month: This 3-Minute Squat and Plank Workout May Be Short, but It’s Intense www.popsugar.com.au/fitness/Squat-Plank-Workout-43951668#photo-43951661

Nutrition Tip of the Month: What to Eat Before and After a Strength Training Workout vitals.lifehacker.com/what-to-eat-before-and-after-a-strength-training-workou-1798556343
Weight Management Tip of the Month: What is the secret to long-term weight loss? Study sheds light www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319137.php

Sleep Tip of the Month: A Lack of This Type of Sleep May Boost Anxiety and Depression www.health.com/depression/poor-rem-sleep-may-be-linked-to-higher-risk-for-anxiety-depression?utm_campaign=buffer&utm_content=bufferc241f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com

Dr Bruce ? Resolve To Evolve!

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