JFKFFC Running Shoe Seminar – 8/22/17 @12noon

What do your soles say ? If your feet could talk……

? Running biomechanics of the foot.
?Learn the science behind running shoe designs.
oRunning shoe anatomy
oFoot type versus shoe type
?How to determine which is best for YOU.
?How often should you replace your shoes?

Join us Tuesday, August 22 @ 12:00 in the JFKFFC Fitness Center Office. Bring your current/old shoes and a friend. Don?t let your performance be deFEETed by your shoes!

Seminar to be conducted by Maria Canino, M.S.
Maria has several years working as a running shoe consultant and will provide a unique and introspective look into the industry designed to protect your feet, save your soles and enhance your running experience and performance.

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