JKFKFFC Samsung Tablet Found with Green Nook cover

 A Samsung tablet with a green Nook cover was found in the JFKFFC this afternoon (Tuesday 10-25-16).

Please contact Dr Bruce at drbruce@jfkffc.com to arrange pickup.



JFKFFC Yoga class cancelled for today Thursday 10-20-16

Sorry, due to instructor family member death, yoga class is cancelled for today, Thursday October 20. Thursday class will resume next week.

JFKFFC Membership Renewal Past Due

This is a general announcement regarding JFKFFC Membership Renewals. The FY2017 Membership Renewal deadline of October 1, 2016 has passed.

If you dropped off your JFKFFC FY17RENEWAL membership application prior to receiving this email then your membership has been processed/renewed. All applications received as of Friday, October 7 have been processed.

If you have NOT already turned in your JFKFFC FY17 RENEWAL membership application the grace period ends Thursday, October 13th. Applications will NOT be processed again until October 24.

To avoid interruption of JFKFFC access please print out a copy of the FY17membership application from our website (www.jfkffc.com), completely fill out/initial/sign the document, add your check for $168 and slide it under the office door by COB/end of Thursday, October 13.

Thanks for your continued patronage,


JFKFFC class changes this week 10-3-16

Yoga cancelled today/Monday October 3.

Thursday 11:30 class will be Tabata (intervals).

Friday 11:30 class will be Cardio center/weights all around.