JFKFFC – Operations on Wed 1–28-15

The JFK Fed Bldg is open today, Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

The JFK Federal Fitness Center remains open.

Group Exercise Classes and Staff Hours are cancelled for today.

Keep active while housebound with these suggestions:




JFKFFC Blizzard Storm Operations

The JFK Fed Bldg will remain open during the upcoming storm.

Hence, members will be able to gain access to the JFKFFC – fitness facility.

Group exercise classes and staff hours will be canceled for Tuesday, January 26. A decision regarding classes and staff hours will be forwarded/emailed Wednesday morning. 

Shoveling snow is great exercise, but do not overexert - see tips on link below:




JFKFFC Closing at 6:00pm tonight

The JFKFFC Fitness Center locker rooms will be closing at 6:00pm this evening, Friday, Jan 23 for painting purposes.

The Fitness floor/equipment will remain open til 7:00pm – but use of locker rooms will be off limit.


JFKFFC Closed Monday 1-19-15

The JFKFFC will be closed on Monday, January 19, viagra super active 2015 for Martin Luther King Birthday.

JFKFFC Class Cancellation

20/20 Group Exercise Class is canceled for today, Friday, 1/9/15

JFKFFC Newsletter January 2015

The JFKFFC will close early, at 3:00pm, on Friday,January 9 for renovation work.

Please plan your workout and shower accordingly.
While the JFKFFC will be open on Monday, January 12, there will be some minor renovation work concurrently cialis order occurring.

Spread the word around, New Year Membership Pricing is in town: NEW members = $136 and RENEWAL = $126 for the remainder of FY15.

The JFK Federal Fitness Center is now offering Personal & Small-Group Training Programming.  Programming options include individual sessions for 30 or 60 minutes, along with hour-long partner/tandem (2 individuals), and cost-effective small group training (3, 4, & 5 individuals) sessions. Learn how you can benefit from the 5 E’s of JFKFFC Personal Training: 1. Education 2. Efficient 3. Effective 4. Easy location 5. Encouragement. See JFKFFC Staff for more details and/or pick up a brochure today in our fitness center.

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