JFKFFC 12:35 Yoga Cancelled today

Today’s (Thursday May 29th) 12:35 Yoga class is cancelled. Class will resume on Monday (June 2nd).

JFKFFC – Group Exercise Class Change

Friday’s 20/20 Group Exercise Class will be cancelled today (5-16) due to Instructor illness, as well as the next two Fridays (23, 30) due to vacation.  Speedy recovery and Bon Voyage Joann!

JFKFFC Newsletter 05-14-14

JFKFFC Closed Monday, Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day

Desk/Office Exercise: Free Bring-Your-Lunch Wellness/fitness health behavior change seminars/workshops. These 30-minute sessions are designed to be held in your department conference room. We bring the educational information, you bring your lunch and co-workers – as these events will be offered to all. Current topic is Desk/Office Exercise. If you think your office, department or agency would benefit from this service please contact us today (drbruce@jfkffc.com) or pass this information along to your agency health/safety officer

Member Referrals: Please take advantage of the JFKFFC Guest Pass (1-week pass) and Member Referral ($10 gift card) Programs. See website for details: www.jfkffc.com

Excuse of the Week:
Waiting for the weather to cooperate and allow me to get my ride on!
Cycling Training Videos for bad weather days://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M45BSE6Qz3E

Song of the Week: kraftwerk- tour de france – 1983

Quotes of the Week: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

Exercise Tip of the Week:  Performing cardio and resistance training during the same session: Does the order matter? New study from Finland.

Sleep Tip of the Week:  Who is harmed by more than 8 and less than 6 hours of sleep per night ? http://www.stonehearthnewsletters.com/who-is-harmed-by-more-than-8-and-less-than-6-hours-of-sleep-per-night/cognitive-impairment/#sthash.N0yoVSLO.dpuf

Resilience Tip of the Week:  Stress is contagious

Nutrition Tip of the Week
:  What is a functional food?
The top 10 functional foods trends

Weight Management Tip of the Week:  Older Adults: Build Muscle And You’ll Live Longer

Article of the Week: Cardio before strength training, or vice versa? Study investigates best workout order

Study of the Week:  Why people think about their health early in the week

Quiz of the Week:
Urban Bicycling Quiz:

Web Site of the Week: May is National Bike Month – this is National Bike Week:
Bicyclists need more roads, space, resources: Harvard School of Public Health

Dr Bruce