JFKFFC Newsletter Week of 10-28-13

ATTENTION MEMBERS: All members must renew their membership ASAP. This requires ALL present members to fill out an FY14 application (located on our website; www.jfkffc.com) and submit a check for $168 for the upcoming fiscal year (Oct 1, 2013 – Sept 30, 2014). Please remember to fill out, sign and initialize ALL corresponding information. Incomplete applications will delay your membership renewal. Please slide your application and check under the office door and we will update your FOB facillity door access. Thank you for your continued patronage!

Excuse of the Week: I’m too scared (like Halloween Ghoulish) to start an exercise program – what if I become addicted?

Song of the Week:  It’s Witchcraft

Quotes of the Week: If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. Hippocrates

Exercise of the Week: Pumpkin Side squat with press

Sleep Tip of the Week: How sleep deprivation is linked to junk food cravings http://www.stonehearthnewsletters.com/how-sleep-deprivation-is-linked-to-junk-food-cravings/sleep/#sthash.4TCMj9tr.dpuf

Resilience Tip of the Week: Low on self-control? Surrounding yourself with strong-willed friends may help

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Nutritionally surviving Halloween

Weight Management Tip of the Week: Blood type diets have no science behind them whatsoever

Article of the Week: Clarifying Exercise Addiction: Differential Diagnosis, Co-occurring Disorders, and Phases of Addiction

Study of the Week: Exercise or make dinner? Study finds adults trade one healthy act for another

Quiz of the Week: Are you addicted to exercise? Take this quiz.

Web Site of the Week: Trick or Treat Tips from the Tooth Fairy Poll

Dr Bruce


JFKFFC Closed for Columbus Day

 The JFK Federal Fitness Center will be closed for Monday, October 14, 2013 in honor of Columbus Day. The building and facility will reopen on Tuesday, October 15. For staff and class hours please visit our website at www.jfkffc.com.

JFKFFC Govt Shutdown Schedule

The JFKFFC will remain open during the government shutdown.

Zumba class (Tues & Thursday) will be cancelled during the government shutdown.

Reminder, membership application renewals are past due. Please drop off applications and checks at your earliest convenience.