JFK Fitness Center Hours of Operation on 10-01-13

The JFKFFC will be holding both group exercise classes (11:30 & 12:30) on Tuesday, October 1.

If you are able to gain access into the building you will have access to the fitness center.

It is unknown at present as to whether the building will be shutting down early Tuesday afternoon. If/when the building shuts down it appears it will be closed to the general public and only essential Federal employees will be able to gain access to the building.

We will update members again Tuesday afternoon if emerging information clarifies this fluid situation any further.

Be Well……Be Active!  




JFKFFC Newsletter Week of 9-16-13

Group Exercise Class Changes for the week of September 16:

There will be no Zumba on Thursday (Sept 19th). Lisa will instruct a Boot Camp in its place.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS DUE OCT 1. All members must renew their membership by OCT 1, 2013. This requires ALL present members to fill out an FY14 application (located on our website; www.jfkffc.com) and submit a check for $168 for the upcoming fiscal year (Oct 1, 2013 – Sept 30, 2014). Please remember to fill out, sign and initialize ALL corresponding information. Incomplete applications will delay your membership renewal. Please slide your application and check under the office door and we will update your fitness center entrance door access. Thank you for your continued patronage!

Excuse of the Week: Had to get the kids back to school and me back to regular work
schedule……and the fish back to the ocean……..

Song of the WeekBack On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders

Quote of the Week:
Actions may be stronger than words.
But you can’t take back the hurt that those words have caused.
You can’t take back things that have been said.
Making them better sometimes works, but the words will always be there in memory.
They always say that you should ‘think before you speak’ and that couldn’t be more
But when you don’t think before you speak, when you talk in the heat of the moment,
Make sure you can live with what you’ve said or what you are going to say,
don’t bother making up excuses, and don’t even think about trying to apologize,
because you said it, you meant it, now you have to live with it.

- Gabrielle Travis

Exercise of the Week: Back Exercises

Sleep Tip of the Week: How Exercise Can Help Us Sleep Better

Resilience Tip of the Week: How To Be An Optimist: 10 Habits That’ll Help You Look On
The Bright Side http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/31/how-to-be-an-optimist-10-_n_3354246.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

Nutrition Tip of the Week: The 10 Best Healthy Eating Quotes

Weight Management Tip of the Week: Change diet, exercise habits at same time for best
results, Stanford study says

Article of the Week: The Pursuit of Happiness

Study of the Week: Exercise may be as good as massage for muscle soreness:

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Zumba Class Cancellation

Zumba will be cancelled this Thursday, September 5, 2013.