JFKFFC Exercise Class Change for Thur. 4-25-13

JFKFFC Exercise Class Change for Thursday 4-25-13

11:30 – Aerobics & Weights with JoAnn
12:35 -  Yoga with Lisa


JFKFFC Newsletter Week of 4-15-13

LIMITED HOT WATER FOR SHOWERS: The hot water tank that services the JFKFFC is inoperable. GSA is looking into repair/replacement options. Some hot water is being diverted from another source via a bypass but the amount is limited and timing irregular. This condition will probably persist through at least the upcoming week.  Please prepare to take quick/brief showers. We will monitor/update membership as events unfold.

GROUP EXERCISE CLASS CHANGES THIS WEEK: No Zumba on Tuesday (4-16) and Thursday (4-18) this upcoming week. Tuesday’s class will be Tabata – taught by Lisa, and Thursday’s class will be Hi/Lo Aerobics taught by JoAnn.  http://jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=9&limit=5&limitstart=0&order=date&dir=DESC&Itemid=12

JFKFFC GUEST PASS PROGRAM: We know it can be difficult to motivate yourself to come into the gym and workout. Research indicates that people are more motivated to workout when they have a friendly face to encourage them, social support to break them away from the office while maybe even providing some fun (Jocularity!)  The JFKFFC is initiating a new program that will allow you to bring/invite your friend or co-worker with you while introducing him/her to our/your facility. Ask staff for details, or visit our website for rules/regulations. http://jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=12&limitstart=5

Bone Density Scan:  Employees can sign up for bone density screening, to be done on Thursday, June 6th. It will be part of our Fedstrive Health Awareness day, which will take place at the JFK building from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. that day (more info about the Health Fair later).The bone density screening will be done, using a heelscan. The ultrasound waves measure bone mineral density. Ultrasound is quick, painless, and does not use potentially harmful radiation like X-rays.There is a small fee of $5 for the bone density screening (non-refundable, unless equipment not available), to be paid when you sign up. There will be a list available in the Health Unit, and in JFKFFC. See staff for sign-up.

Excuse of the Week: I will need recovery time from this weekend’s taxing workout.

Song of the Week: "Sunny Afternoon" – The Kinks

Quote of the Week: The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. Albert Einstein

Event of the Week: Boston Marathon

Exercise of the Week: Reverse Lunge

Sleep Tip of the Week: Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain

Resilience Tip of the Week: Study: Fit people have a better attention span than those with bad physical health  http://www.stonehearthnewsletters.com/study-fit-people-have-a-better-attention-span-than-those-with-bad-physical-health/benefits-exercise/

Nutrition Tip of the Week:  Red meat and heart disease: a new study from the Cleveland Clinic

Weight Management Tip of the Week: Moderate drinkers eat bad stuff on drinking days

Article of the Week: Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually Move

Study of the Week: Lifelong exercise holds key to cognitive well-being: King’s College study

Site of the Week: Runner’s World – Marathon Running

Dr Bruce