JFKFFC Open To All today

JFK Bldg is open to Federal, State and City employees as well as the public today.

Hence the JFK Fitness Center is open as well.

Fitness Center Staff will not be in today.

Zumba and Kickboxing classes are cancelled.


JFKFFC Class Cancellation

 As of 8:30 am (Monday)  the JFK Federal Bldg is open to Federal employees only. If you are a Federal employee and are in the Bldg today you will have access to the fitness center.  There will be no staff in the facility today, hence group exercise classes will be cancelled for the day.  We will update tomorrow morning for Tuesday.


JFKFFC Newsletter Week of 10/22/12

FY13 APPLICATIONS PAST DUE OCT 1, 2012. Don’t risk getting shutout.  Renewal membership fee for FY12 is still only $168. Download an application today (www.jfkffc.com), fill it out completely (sign and initial), attach your membership check and slide under the JFKFFC office door.  We will update your membership status.  Thanks for your continued patronage!

FITNESS CENTER WINDOW RENOVATIONS UPDATE. Old windows have been removed and new windows have been installed in the office, weight area and group exercise room.  Wall board replacing/painting and equipment return to occur in the upcoming week.  Two windows will need replacement in the women’s locker room.  To do so some locker will be removed and one bathroom stall deactivated.  Please remove items and lock from locker #21 by Monday night as work will commence with the removal of locks/materials. Thank you for your continued patience.

NEW BUILDING ACCESS SECURITY PROCEDURES. The Federal Protective Service (FPS) has stepped up its building access to "enhanced levels."  While we are still awaiting the official word on what this means, it appears that objects containing metal (belts, watches) and shoes (sneakers are okay) will need to be removed.  For those members (particularly State and City Hall) who come from another building, this may potentially mean increased access entry time. We are engaging in conversations with both FPS and GSA (building management) voicing our concern and dismay. There is a security meeting for agencies later this month. Meanwhile, to speed your personal entrance, try the following: use the City Hall Plaza entrance if coming in before 1:00pm, remove metal objects and leave in your office, change into your sneakers at your office.  March in place, or stretch while in line if possible to cut down on your warm-up requirement. Look for updates regarding this issue.

Excuse of the Week: I’m waiting for my ship to come in!"

Song of the Week: Rock the Boat – Hues Corporation

Quote of the Week:
Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat. Jean-Paul Sartre

Event of the Week: Head of the Charles Regatta

Exercises of the Week: Proper Rowing Technique:
Dumbell One-Arm Bent Over Row:

Sleep Tip of the Week: How sleep deprivation impacts dementia, different types of memory, and learning

Resilience Tip of the Week: Exactly how stress messes with your attention span, focus

Nutrition Tip of the Week Exercise in the morning actually reduces a person’s motivation for food

Article of the Week: Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body

Study of the Week: How modest sleep changes affect kids’ behaviors: new study

Sites of the Week: Rowing Machine Workouts
Rowing workout of the Day

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Newsletter 10-5-12

JFKFFC Closed, Monday, Oct 8, 2012 due to Columbus Day celebration.

FY13 APPLICATIONS PAST DUE OCT 1, 2012. Don’t risk getting shutout.  Renewal membership fee for FY12 is still only $168. Download an application today (www.jfkffc.com), fill it out completely (sign and initial), attach your membership check and slide under the JFKFFC office door.  We will update your membership status.  Thanks for your continued patronage!

FITNESS CENTER WINDOW RENOVATIONS. Over the next three weeks the JFKFFC will have its exterior windows replaced.  This operation will begin each evening when the fitness center closes (half hour early at 6:30pm) and will stop at 4:30 in the morning prior to 5:30 regular opening.  During this time a vinyl wall will be dropped from the ceiling to the floor approximately 5 feet in from the outside wall.  To accomodate this 5 foot work space we will need to remove/store the fitness equipment along the wall during this process – so a few of your favorite pieces of equipment will disappear for a few weeks – but will be returned unharmed upon new window installation. Thank you for your patience.

Excuse of the Week: My favorite exercise machine has broken/been replaced!

Song of the Week: Come Sail Away – Cartman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOWK7Tam01M
Styx: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5MAg_yWsq8

Quote of the Week: By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.Christopher Columbus

Exercise of the Week:
Squat Substitutes

Sleep Tip of the Week: 7 Bad Habits that Steal Your Sleep

Resilience Tip of the Week
: Resilient people are more satisfied with life, says new study

Nutrition Tip of the Week:  WHAT WINNERS EAT

Article of the Week
: Your Top 4 Gym Mistakes

Study of the Week
: How partners try to make each other eat healthy matters

Site of the Week:Government nutrition site hits one million users

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JFKFFC Group Exercise Class Change – Today

JFKFFC Group Exercise Class Change – Today – Wednesday, October 3 2012:

Classes Cancelled: 11:30 Boot Camp, 12:30 Core Xpress

Class Substituted (to be held today): 11:30 Yoga with Lola