JFKFYoga Class Cancelled today

JFKFFC  Yoga Class (12:35pm) cancelled for today, June 29.

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 6-12-11

Music Station Change:  The Board voted to change the music station to 92.5 – which plays "mix" radio.

Class changes:

Tuesday, June 14: Sara will teach Kickbox, Lola will teach Yoga
Thursday, June 16: Lisa will Teach Tone Up/Trim Down and Boot Camp

Excuse of the week: "I can’t exercise til it stops raining!"

Quotes of the Week: Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought. - Dwight Morrow

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.

Frank Howard Clark

Song of the WeekWho’ll Stop The Rain? – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Exercise of the Week: How to Do a Rain Dance

Sleep Tip of the Week: Too Much or Too Little Sleep May Accelerate Cognitive Aging, Study Shows

Nutrition Tip of the week
: Food Pyramid to be replaced with Food Pie

Resiliency Tip of the Week: When, and why, do events reach a tipping point?

Article of the Week: Health Vs. Fitness: Why Fitness Does Not Necessarily Equate to Health

Website of the Week:
hotels.com Gets Physical with New Workout Video

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 6-1-11

Health Fair: the DFOH Annual Health Fair will take place, Thursday, June 9th from 8-2pm in the 2nd floor (low-rise) GSA conference rooms.  Stop by to have your body composition analyzed by our very own JFKFFC professional staff!

Overnight Locks Cut Off
: Several locks were cut off lockers after ample and repeated warnings.  Any locker contents will be kept in the fitness center office for 30 days before discarding.

Excuse of the week:  "I’d rather sit on my bun than walk or run"

Quotes of the Week: “Learn to walk before you run”  Proverb quotes

Song of the Week: Before They make Me Run – Rolling Stones

Event of the Week: National Running Day

Exercise of the Week:
Marching – In Place

Sleep Tip of the Week:
How Running Affects Sleep (and Vice Versa)

Nutrition Tip of the week: Eating on the Run – Fastest postrun fuel ever.

Resiliency Tip of the Week
: 10 Reasons Running Is Good for You

Study of the Week
: Hips take walking in stride; ankles put best foot forward in run

Article of the Week: Walk vs Run – How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?

Websites of the Week: Runner’s World: http://www.runnersworld.com/
The Walking Site: http://www.thewalkingsite.com/

Dr Bruce