JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 3-1-11

Group Exercise Room – will be closed 6-7pm each Friday for floor maintenance; mopping application and buffing.  Please do not enter/walk in to the room at that time.

Group Exercise Room Stereo
- we are currently experiencing difficulties with our stereo, wiring, or outlet.  We should have this resolved shortly.

2011 JFKFFC Board Election Results: http://jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=14&limit=5&limitstart=0&order=date&dir=DESC&Itemid=32

March is National Nutrition Month

Excuse of the Week
: "Workout…soon as I finish my snackie-poo!"
Pre workout Snacking: http://www.healthcastle.com/sports_nutrition_pre_workout_snacks.shtml

Quote of the Week
: I believe that I was a dog in a past life. That’s the only thing that would explain why I like to snack on Purina Dog Chow. Dean Koontz

Song of the Week: Eat It – "Weird Al" Yankovic

Quiz of the Week: Are You Eating Right?

Exercise of the Week: Calisthenic Mountain Climber

Sleep Tip of the Week:
Large-Scale Study Identifies Factors for Sleep Disturbance in Arthritis

Nutrition Tip of the week: Kids, snacks, and the nutritional quality of daily intake

Resiliency Tip of the Week: Endurance exercise prevents premature aging: McMaster University study

Study of the Week: People hit fitness goals when taught the How, not the Why: new metastudy

Article of the Week: Fitness: A Walk to Remember? Study Says Yes

Website of the Week: FDA – Healthier You: http://www.mypyramid.gov/

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 2-21-11

The JFKFFC is Closed on Monday, February 21 in honor of President’s Day.

Hot Water Issues
: The JFKFFC showers have been experiencing difficulty maintaining hot water for the full duration of the day. GSA and Brooks Range have identified a solution and hope to have the problem resolved completely by Tuesday afternoon.

JFKFFC Board Of Directors Election Notification & Self-Nomination Form Due Feb 22.              http://jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1

Excuse of the Week: "If I can’t be an all-star (or Oscar winner for that matter) – forget about it!"

Quotes of the Week
: My goals have gone from being an all-star to just being able to play basketball. I always took for granted that I could play. Now I know what a gift it is. Rebecca Lobo

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. Stephen Kaggwa

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Song of the Week: All Star – Smash Mouth

Quiz of the Week
: Stress & Your Heart Health

Exercise of the Week: Arnold Shoulder Press

Sleep Tip of the Week: Napping – The Expert’s Guide

Nutrition Tip of the week: New front-of-package food labels set to debut: see samples here

Resiliency Tip of the Week: Brief diversions vastly improve focus, researchers find

Study of the Week: Genetics mean next to nothing: it’s your lifestyle that counts

Article of the Week: Aging Gracefully: 8 Tricks to Add Years to Your Life

Websites of the Week
: Academy Awards – the Oscars

NBA All – Star

Dr Bruce


JFKFFC Weekly e-Mail 2-15-11

Hot Water Issues: The JFKFFC showers have been experiencing difficulty maintaining hot water for the duration of the day. We are working with GSA and Brooks Range and hope to have the problem resolved shortly.

Class Changes: Tuesday 2-15: Sara will teach 11:45 Kickbox, Lola will teach 12:45 Yoga.
Thursday 2-17.  Lisa will teach both classes.

JFKFFC Board Of Directors Election Notification & Self-Nomination Form:
Due Feb 22.

Excuse of the Week: "Can’t exercise today, I’m busy preparing my Presidential acceptance speech."

Quotes of the Week
: There are no accidents in my philosophy.  Every effect must have its cause.  The past is the cause of the present, and the present will be the cause of the future.  All these are links in the endless chain stretching from the finite to the infinite.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Song of the Week: Rock the Casbah - The Clash                                                                     http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1549

Quiz of the Week: The Energy Audit

Exercise of the Week: Resistance Band Wood Chop Exercise – like George Washington of Cherry Tree Toppling Fame.  http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/strengthening/resistance_bands/wood_chop.php

Sleep Tip of the Week: Energy conservation in your sleep

Nutrition Tip of the week:
25 Best Nutrition Secrets

Resiliency Tip of the Week: What Makes a Good President

Study of the Week: Mindfulness Meditation Training Changes Brain Structure in Eight Weeks

Article of the Week:
Top 5 Most Physically Fit Presidents

Websites of the Week: President’s Fitness Challenge – Adults

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award


Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Class Change 2-10-11

JFKFFC Group Exercise Members:  Lisa will instruct both lunchtime classes on Thursday, Feb 10.

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 2-7-11

Class Change:  Lola will teach Wednesday Yoga at 12:35.

February is National Healthy Heart Month


February 14th – Valentine’s Day

Excuse of the Week: "No exercise today, I’m busy nursing a heartache."

Quotes of the Week: If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. -Bob Hope
As the arteries grow hard, the heart grows soft
. -H. L. Mencken.

Song of the Week: It’s A Heartache – Bonnie Tyler

Quiz of the Week: Heart Attack Risk Assessment

Exercise of the Week: Exercise For A Healthy Heart

Sleep Tip of the Week: Late nights can lead to higher risk of strokes and heart attacks

Nutrition Tip of the week: Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 – Executive Summary

Resiliency Tip of the Week: For Many Leisure May be the Best Medicine

Study of the Week: Dark chocolate may be healthier than fruit juices for a healthy heart:

Article of the Week: Love is Good For Your Heart

Website of the Week: Dietary Gudelines for Americans

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Group Exercise Class Cancelation

While the JFK Federal Bldg and Fitness Center are open today, Group Exercise Classes will be canceled.

Tread carefully!


JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail 2-1-11

Group Exercise Class Change:  Tuesday (Feb 1).  Sara will teach Full Body Tone at 11:30. Lola will teach Yoga at 12:35.

Heart Healthy Fitness Circuit of the Month: http://jfkffc.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=12&limit=5&limitstart=0&order=date&dir=DESC&Itemid=20

Excuse of the Week: "I’m still considering hibernation…like Puxatawney Phil"

Quotes of the Week:
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.  ~Maori Proverb

Alas! must it ever be so?
Do we stand in our own light, wherever we go,
And fight our own shadows forever
~Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton

Song of the Week: "I Got You Babe!"  Sonny & Cher – featured in GroundHog Day – repeatedly

Exercise of the Week: Shadow Boxing

Sleep Tip of the Week: Can Humans Hibernate?

Nutrition Tip of the week: Foods That Help You Sleep

Articles of the Week: Astronauts Get a Tip from Hibernating Bear

Punxsutawney Phil: The Groundhog Behind the Myth


Website of the Week:
GroundHog Day

Dr Bruce