JFKFFC Weekly Newsletter 9-13-10

Group Exercise Class Changes: Friday Sept 17: 20/20 Cancelled. Video Available.

FY11 Applications Now Available
.  All current members must renew their
membership by Oct 1 by completing a FY11 application and dropping off a
check for $168.  Applications are available online at:
http://jfkffc.com/.  Please pay attention to new fitness center rules
and policies highlighted in BOLD print.  Initial and sign all
appropriate spaces and upon application review/acceptance/processing we will extend your FOB
and front door access for the upcoming fiscal year.  Thanks for your suport and continued patronage!

NEW Equipment: TRX Training system has been mounted on the far wall
(outside windows) in the group exercise room.  Please ask staff for
demonstration/orientation prior to use.  An additional Resistance Band
station has been placed on the wall in the group exercise room.  Please
keep use of bands to these apparatus only and this room.

Excuse of the Week: "I’m still Celebrating Labor Day, by not laboring!"

Song of the Week: Blue Collar Man

Quote of the Week:
"Without labor nothing prospers."  Sophocles
September is National Yoga Month:


Exercise of the Week: Exercises to Prepare for Labor

Resiliency Tip of the Week
: Thriving in the Workplace All-in-One For

Sleep Tip of the Week: Shift Work

Nutrition Tip of the week:
‘Freaky eaters’ cling to same food everyday

Study of the week:
Childhood Obesity Woes Linked to Too Little Sleep

Article of the Week: Work long hours? Stay in shape to lower risk of heart disease

Dr Bruce

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