Kickbox Canceled

Wednesday, August 26 Kickbox Class has been canceled.

Please make use of video or fitness equipment.

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail Aug 24, 2009

JFK Federal Fitness Center

Class Changes Week of August 24:     Substituted: Monday, August 24 – Pilates for Yoga @ 12:30pm.

Excuse of the Week:I’ve got to get ready to go back to school…..well, get my kids ready that is!”

Quotes of the Week: Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  ~John Dewey
An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.  ~Benjamin Franklin

Song of the Week:  See You in September

Quiz of the Week: Back to school quiz – Are you an A pupil?

Sleep Tip of the Week: Sleep apnea raises death risk 46 percent: study

Nutrition Tip of the Week: The Vending Machine Survival Guide

Exercise of the Week: The Medicine-ball Pushup

Website of the Week: Whole Grains Month Whole Grains Council

Article of the Week:
The More You Sit at Work, the More You Weigh?
Desk Jobs May Raise Obesity Risks, Especially Among Men

Dr Bruce


JFK FFC Weekly E-Mail 8-17-09




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Class Changes Week of August 17:    Canceled: Monday, August 17 – African Dance.  Canceled: Wednesday, August 19 – Kickbox.

Excuse of the Week: “It’s way too hazy, not and humid – I need to chill out!”

Quote of the Week: Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~Russel Baker

Song of the Week:  Nat King Cole-Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Quiz of the Week: Summer Hydration Quiz

 Sleep Tip of the Week:  Hydration and sleep: We’re dying of thirst in our sleep

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink?

Exercise of the Week: Mountain Climber with Hands on a Swiss ball

 Website of the Week: Gatorade Sports Science Institute: Hydration & Peformance:

Article of the Week: Baby Boomers Face Down Aging: 10 Most Common Medical Challenges


Dr Bruce

Class changes this week

Group Exercise Class Participants: Please note the following changes for the week of Aug 10, 2009

Canceled: Wednesday, Aug 12 – Kickbox

Canceled: Thursday, Aug 13 – Fit Camp

Substitute Class: Thursday, Aug 13 @ 12:30pm – Yoga with Lauren for Pilates

Canceled: Friday, August 14 – Yoga

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail Aug 10, 2009

GRAND REOPENING!!! No pomp and circumstance – the JFK fitness facility is OPEN – so come on back down – can’t use this as an excuse for not working out any longer!  While the paint and carpet are finished we are still doing a bit o’ touchups: signage, and equipment placement.  We just received two new ellipticals.  We are awaiting the arrival of two treadmills (3 antiquated models have departed) and new fitness mats.  The weight machine and free weight area rearrangement will be complete by midweek.  To comply with liability insurance recommendations we removed a few machines which will afford us necessary floor/bench space in addition to an accessory rack where attachments for cable machinery will be required to reside – no longer lounging on the floor where members may trip on them.

Excuse of the Week: “I’m afraid I’ll create muscular imbalances!”

Quote of the Week: "We come into this world head first and go out feet first; in between, it is all a matter of balance.”  Paul Boese

Song of the Week:  Balance – Moody Blues

Weight Management Tips of the Week: 10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss

Nutrition Tip of the Week: SLIDESHOW: The Ultimate Food Additive Glossary.  What’s lurking in your favorite foods?

Stress Resiliency Tip of the Week: New Research Links Social Stress to Harmful Fat Deposits, Heart Disease

Exercises of the Week: Balance of Power -  Your workout can build your body — or break it. Which path are you on?

Website of the Week: Partnership for Prevention,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Article of the Week: Expanding Debt Load May Expand Waistline

Dr Bruce

JFKFFC Weekly E-Mail August 3, 2009

Reminder – Fitness Center Renovation.  We will be closing our doors for the entire week of Aug 3-7.  We will be replacing the 13-year old carpets and repainting the entire facility.  In addition we will be adding new fitness equipment.  We realize this is an inconvenience to many members but we must take advantage of GSA’s ability to help fund these renovations with year end money at this the traditionally lowest utilization month (August) of the year.  See y’all On Monday August 10th!

Excuse of the Week “Why exercise – I already climb up and down the stairs in my dwelling/abode/office!”

Quote of the Week: “A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.”  Mark Twain

Song of the Week: “Stairway to Heaven”

Sleep Tip of the Week: Compare your sleep tossing and turning

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Organic food is no healthier, study finds

Stress Resiliency Tip of the Week: Quiz: Are you off balance?

Exercise of the Week: Stair Climbing
Great Workout, Forget the View

Website of the Week: Stair Climbing Sport

Article of the Week: Elite athletes: They’re quick, competitive and nearly 40

Dr Bruce