The JFK Federal Fitness Center, Inc. (JFK/FFC) is a member operated self use facility.  The JFK/FFC was organized as a non-profit corporation to foster and encourage members to engage in athletic exercise and wellness programs. Resident Federal agencies partially subsidize the center’s costs.  Members raise dues for the sole purpose of paying for the center’s non-subsidized operating costs.  The fitness center is managed by a Board of Directors that is elected from the Federal employee membership population. 


The following rules, policies, and procedures (“rules”) describe the terms and conditions under which members are granted access to the fitness center.  Members must abide by these rules at all times.  Many rules pertain to safety and health issues, and to a member’s responsibility to keep the fitness center clean and orderly.  It is not the responsibility of the fitness center’s part time staff to clean up after members.  Noncompliance with the following rules could result in the JFK/FFC cancelling or temporarily suspending this contract.  The following rules are subject to change with or without notice.     


General Facility


·    The JFK/FFC is an unmonitored, self use facility.  Part time staff will NOT be present during most hours of operation. 

·    When present in the fitness center and at their discretion, board directors will monitor the facility for adherence to the rules.  Board directors will identify themselves as such when speaking to any members in this capacity.  Please be courteous to JFK/FFC staff and board directors and follow their direction with regards to safety, the rules, and the general operation of the fitness center.    

·    Members are also responsible for the fitness center’s care, upkeep, security, and adherence to the rules.  Members should report rule violations to fitness center staff or board directors.    

·    Respect and courtesy shall be extended to all members. 

·    The JFK/FFC recommends orientation sessions for new members and requires orientation sessions for any member that needs assistance with developing a suitable physical activity program, or in understanding the proper use of any exercise equipment or activity.  Center staff will schedule sessions.    

·    JFK/FFC is open Monday through Friday except for Federal holidays or when the building is closed due to inclement weather.  Operating hours are 5:30 am to 7:00 pm.  Non federal employees cannot enter the building before 7:00 am or after 6:00 pm.  Members must exit the facility by 7:00 pm.

·    Members must use their keys to enter the fitness center even if door is held open.  This is important so that management can track member usage and generate useful utilization reports.  Members caught loaning their keys or escorting non-members into the fitness center will be subject to automatic membership termination.  Keep the entrance door locked at all times and members that leave the club (e.g. runners) must take their keys with them.  The entrance door is under video surveillance. 

·    You must be a legal adult to use the facility (18 years of age or older).

·    Prior to participation in the JFK/FFC and every Federal fiscal year, a member must submit an accurate and complete Personal Information Form, Membership Agreement, Express Assumption of All Risks and Release of Liability Agreement, and a Health History Questionnaire (HHQ).  Members must also submit Physician’s Approval Forms if they answered ‘YES’ to any HHQ questions.  Retain a copy of your completed membership application for your records.

·    Proper exercise attire must be worn at all times and includes shirts, gym pants, and toe-enclosed athletic shoes.  No bare feet are allowed.  Please clean your attire regularly to prevent foul odors.   

·    Please keep your hands clean to help prevent the spread of infections.

·    Food, beverages, profanity, smoking, loud music, loud noises, and the removal or alteration of signs is not permitted.  Plastic water bottles are ok.

·    Due to limited space and safety concerns - stretching, sit ups, etc. should only be performed in designated areas and NOT in the middle of a walkway or the gym floor. 

·    Avoid placing shoes, dirty hands, etc on the newly painted walls and use a mat when stretching or exercising on the floor.  This will help to keep our new rug clean, free of germs, and dry.  Please clean mats after using them with available disinfectant spray bottles and cleaning towels.

·    The fitness center’s radio policy is posted by the radio and must be followed.

·    Only touch TVs to change channels.  Do not reposition TVs – they must squarely face front.

·    There is no formal TV policy.  However, during busy hours please think of others and select TV programs that are current and offer a general appeal such as news, sports, etc.  The management in most gyms selects the TV stations on multi-viewer TVs.  While the JFK/FFC does not wish to go that route, please remember that esoteric, exclusive, or dated programming does not offer a general appeal, will generate additional complaints to management, and could result in a future formal TV policy.

·    Do not track dirt and winter salt into the fitness center.  Please wipe shoes at building entrances.

·    Please do not turn off fans without asking surrounding members’ permission.  If you turn them off then remember to turn them back on when you are finished exercising. 

·    The use of cell phones is prohibited inside of the fitness center.  Please make and take any necessary phone calls in the hallway located outside of the center. 

·    Do not leave used paper towels on the floor or on equipment.  Throw your trash away!

·    The JFK/FFC is not responsible for any personal articles or belongings that are lost, damaged, or stolen in conjunction with your use of the fitness center.

·    There are no refunds of paid dues under any circumstances.  Replacement keys cost members $10.   


When Using Equipment


·    Tie your shoes and secure all loose clothing, personal stereos, and dangling jewelry.

·    Never use equipment that appears to be malfunctioning and report the problem immediately. 

·    Abide by all posted warnings, cautions, and instructional decals on equipment.

·    Wipe-down equipment after each use.  Disinfectant spray bottles and cleaning towels are available.

·    Return ALL equipment to its proper place after use.  This means returning dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, free weights, exercise balls, mats, spray bottles, etc, to their proper place.  For example, return resistance bands to the rack in the group exercise room, and return free weights to the racks as opposed to leaving them on the floor, bars, or machines. 

·    Removal of any equipment or supplies from the fitness center is strictly prohibited.


Cardiovascular Equipment


·    There is a 30 minute limit on cardio equipment from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm.  Please make use of the available sign-up sheets and see staff if assistance is needed.

·    Treadmills allow you to walk/run in place using a belt-driven-motor.  Before starting:

o   Ensure the treadmill is plugged into the wall, the display is lit, and the belt is stationary.

o   Straddle the belt with your feet on each side of the treadmill and off the belt before programming your workout or starting the treadmill.  Then as the treadmill reaches a speed of 1.0 mph begin walking on the belt while holding onto the side rails.

o   When finished, be sure to let the belt slow down before dismounting, while you continue to complete your activity on a decelerating basis to 1.0 mph.

o   Never attempt to mount a treadmill while the belt is running faster than 1.0 mph.

·    Bikes (both upright and recumbent) work when you begin to pedal.  Before beginning a workout on a bike, adjust the seat height so that there is a slight bend at the knee when your leg is fully extended.  Use the foot straps to prevent slipping and improve biomechanics.

·    Ellipticals/Cross-Trainers work when you begin to pedal.  Keep both feet flat on the pedals while using and make sure the pedals come to a complete stop before dismounting.


Strength Equipment


Strength machines are designed to perform 1 or 2 basic movements while free weights are designed to give you total range of motion in a movement.  Always adjust weights to your appropriate level and never sacrifice proper form to lift more weight.  To prevent damage, do not clank free weights together or perform swift banging motions on the strength machines. 


·    Before beginning a workout on strength machines:

o   Adjust the equipment for your size and range of motion and use the hand and foot grips.

o   Keep hands and feet away from weight stacks, moving parts, and cables while in motion. 

o   Do not try to adjust or modify the equipment with additional weight, cables, or the like.

·    Free weights include dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and racks. Before using:

o   Always lift with a spotter (someone who can assist you with the weight).  Do not lift free weights on a bench if you are lifting alone and staff is not present.  Use the SMITH machine in this case.

o   Never drop or throw weights and use the appropriate bar racks and standards.  Return weight plates to their appropriate place on the plate racks when finished.  Return all free weights to their proper place after use.  Weights on the floor present a tripping hazard.


Group Exercise Room


·    The room is reserved from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm for group exercise classes.  Do not enter the room unless you are participating in a class.  This would distract the instructor and could be a hazard to participants in motion.  Members can share the room the rest of the day and use the TV, VCR, & DVD. 

·    The JFK/FFC will attempt to provide 6 to 8 group exercise classes per week that are taught by certified staff instructors that are paid via member dues.  Classes are typically held Monday through Thursday.  The JFK/FFC will post class schedules and attempt to notify participants of any cancelations.   

·    The JFK/FFC also permits certain members (volunteer instructors) to reserve the group exercise room to conduct group classes such as YOGA.  The JFK/FFC will assist volunteer instructors in scheduling these classes.  However, the JFK/FFC assumes no responsibility for these classes.  Furthermore, volunteer instructors may become unavailable and cancel or terminate their classes without notice.      

·    Resistance bands, balls, and dumbbells are to remain in the room and in their appropriate location. 

·    Bare feet are allowed for YOGA and Pilates classes.  However, wear athletic shoes into the room.


Locker Rooms


·    Members are responsible for the care, upkeep, and security of the locker rooms.  If problems occur notify staff immediately.  During un-staffed hours, call GSA at the numbers posted in the locker rooms to report facility malfunctions such as clogged drains, faulty outlets, flooding, etc.

·    There are additional toilets in two bathrooms located down the hallway from the gym entrance. 

·    Locks must be removed after each use.  There are no overnight or day locks.  Locks left on lockers will be cut off.  Do not leave anything in the lockers overnight. 

·    For health reasons - shaving, sitting naked on benches, and bathing in the sinks is not permitted.

·    Use powder and aerosols sparingly and keep them contained to you. 

·    Clean up powder spills, paper towels, and anything else that you use.

·    Do not leave anything behind in the showers or elsewhere.  This includes items that pose health threats such as used bandages, nail clippings, floss, etc.  

·    Assist in keeping the locker rooms dry by wiping the sinks after use, drying off in the shower stalls, and ensuring the shower curtains are appropriately closed to contain water. 

·    Please refrain from tying up the sink.  The large mirror can be used for personal grooming.   

·    Members must thoroughly wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  This is a very serious health issue.  If another member is tying up the sink, ask them to allow you to wash your hands. 




The JFK/FFC is an unmonitored, self use facility.  Part time staff will NOT be present during most operating hours.  An emergency telephone is available and emergency phone numbers are posted outside the fitness center’s office door.  Please call the Federal Protective Services (FPS) if you feel threatened or witness any suspicious activity.  The JFK/FFC uses a video surveillance system to monitor the facility.   


Severe Weather, Power Outages, Fires & Gas Odors


·    In case of severe weather, immediately go into the hallway outside the fitness center’s front door, close all doors, and lay low to the ground.  This area contains no windows and limits flying debris danger.

·    In the event of a power outage emergency lights will illuminate a path to the exit.

·    In the event you smell or see smoke, or gas odors, exit the building immediately and call 911.


Injury and First Aid


·     For minor injuries (cuts, abrasions, etc) a first aid kit is located near the center’s office door. 

·     For serious injuries that need medical treatment, dial the emergency numbers located next to the emergency phone that is by the office door. 

·     After the emergency is under control, report all injuries to the fitness center director by calling 617-565-1493.  Then fill out the accident/injury report form located near the office door.